Walk with me - a list of walks and ropes.

Walking with the Waste Land
​Walking with The Waste Land’ is a community group founded by Elspeth Penfold. The group have used  walking as a research tool for locating T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land and selected other poems in Margate. The group works closely with Turner Contemporary’s Waste Land Research Group who are developing Journeys with ‘The Waste Land’ which will be on show at Turner Contemporary from 27th January – 13th May 2018.

Thread and Word was formed in 2017 to include other poetry and site related walks.
 I have invited participants on these walks to collaborate with me in the process and to take a leap of faith as we are never too sure how the walk will evolve or who will turn up on the day. On each of the walks participants have made knots in the ropes I have made for them, to record their experience of the walk.

To the Garden, May 2016 - a walk to the Garden Gate Community project as a part of the Chelsea Fringe

Writing Buildings, July 2016 -a walk created for delegates to a symposium at The University of Kent, Schools of Architecture and Literature.

A walk with the Waste Land, August 2016 - part of Margate Festival

A walk with Burnt Norton, September 2016 - part of the Fallen Leaves Festivalat the Garden Gate.

A walk for Armistice day, November 2016 - Introducing participants from Mead Gallery in Coventry to the process we are using to research work for Journeys with The Waste Land at The Turner Contemporary in 2018.

Thread and Word, March 2017 - a walk with Espacio Gallery,  Sculpture in the city and Walking with the Waste Land on March 5th.

Let's Talk about Vivienne , March 2017- A walk for POW Thanet-foregrounding Vivienne-Haigh-Eliot's life.

Walking with the Waste Land: a walk with The Margate bookie on August  19th 2017.

Thread and Word , Precario. July 2017 - A walk from Dundas Street Gallery to the Royal Botanical Gardens abd Inverleith House as part of the exhibition, Threads, curated by The Artists Pool

Thread and Word,  Walking in the Footsteps of the Hueguenots. September 2017. A walk created as a part of the Republic of Brexitopia exhibition at Espacio Gallery.

Thread and Word, October 2017. Listen to the River, three walks in four days as a part of Tribe17 an international exhibition curated by Chrom Art . org at the Oxobargehouse.

Details about Thread and Word and associated walks and their development can now be found on the facebook page :  https://www.facebook.com/ThreadandWord/

Please check out my blog where there are entries about each of these walks as they develop and which describes the process and ideas that emerge.


I hope this inspires you to join us and walk with me.