A Photo - Diary . Walking with The Waste Land  - A Treasure Trail.Saturday March 24th.


On this walk we took the one of the Varas (shamanic walking pole) on a walk with us.This Vara was chosen as it
was made with ropes knotted during the Margate Bookie 2017 walk and we are now preparing for The Margate Spring Bookie.



Sonia Overall has created a wonderfully engaging piece which will take place throughout the  walk using Biblio-cartomancy  which makes connections with the poem by using 22 images from the poem which she has identified and re- presented in a pack of cards. This sounds like fun!

I will also give out golden envelopes with lines from the poem which walkers can use at their own discretion or not at all if that’s their choosing.

Here a plan of the route, subject to changes if we start to run short of time. 

Gallery, intro  Billie, Varas & handout (Attached here) with a rope.

Reading from Sonia’s The Art of Walking  ( always drawn to the figurative). 

Walk to Sally Waterman’s Fortune Telling re-telling exhibit at the exhibition. This piece associated with Margate Bookie Walk, quick into to Margate Bookie Walk) 

Here Sonia to Introduce her piece and Billie hands out Golden Envelopes.

5. Lido  (Time and timelessness, sunlight/passage of time) - (Walk To the Garden, Burnt Norton)

6. Newgate Gap feel the rocks ( Burnt Norton ) (read lines about craggy stoney ground)

7. gardens top of Newgate gap. (Let’s Talk about Vivienne, Keiths poem)

8. Trinity Square - (A Walk for Armistice Day)

9. Tudor House - music reading (Margate Bookie Walk)

10. Museum, could visit the exhibition there if time , (Writing Buildings)

11. Liddicoat and Goldhill Project Space (talk by project space manager Lucy Howarth) View Sally Waterman’s film In the cage ,( Vivienne ), 

 End at the Store Room by Curve for coffee and cake.

I’d also like you to know that I have invited : Anastasia Miller-Kurakin (who has worked with me on a London walk) to photograph the walk as Jenni is unable to join us on that day. Anastasia is also making her photographs available to Sally Waterman and Lucy at Liddicoat and Goldhill for their archives.